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NO.TitlePublish Date
17013.Q: Mediation cannot be used for the following types of cases:2005-05-31
1702How long will it take to receive the ruling after filing an appeal? 2005-05-30
1703Can foreigners file appeals?2005-05-30
1704Which agency is in charge of reviewing the appeals?2005-05-30
1705What is “declared land value”?2005-05-30
1706What is “announced current land value”?2005-05-30
17071.Q: Can you tell me how to join the Taipei City Mass Wedding?2005-05-30
17082.Q: Is my child old enough to start first grades this year?2005-05-30
17093.Q: Where can I find information about Taipei’s school districts?2005-05-30
17104.Q: Can you tell me how to apply to use the Community Center?2005-05-30
17111.Q: Can Overseas Chinese with Resident Certificate apply for a Disabled Handbook?2005-05-30
1712What are the urban redevelopment policies and major work in Taipei City?2005-05-27
1713How parcels of land can be approved as the designated urban renewal areas?2005-05-27
1714How to apply floor-area-ratio transfer in the Dadaocheng Historical District?2005-05-27
1715Q: What are the papers needed if a conscript wants to apply for a change in physical fitness status?2005-05-26
1716Q: What if a male possessing Overseas Chinese identification returns to study in the country. Is he restricted to a stay of no more than 183 days in a year ?2005-05-26
1717Q: Will naturalized male citizens be drafted if they cannot speak Chinese?2005-05-26
1718Q: Can conscripts who are naturalized Taiwan citizens go abroad?2005-05-26
1719Q: If a man becomes a Taiwan national, when will he be drafted into military service?2005-05-26
1720Q: What is the procedure for drafting conscripts?2005-05-26