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Taipei City Goverment

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum celebrates New Years with Exhibition, Gifts, Postcard game 2019-01-21
22019 Taipei Electric Appliance Fair to be held at TWTC January 17-21 2019-01-21
3Smart City and IoT Present Unlimited Business Opportunities as Okinawa ISCO, TCA, GO SMART Sign Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Industrial Strategic Cooperation2019-01-19
4New Information and Technology Commission Lu Hsin-ke Takes Office 2019-01-19
5Mayor Grants First Prize in the “2019 Taipei-Atlanta Sister City 40th Anniversary Logo” Design Competition2019-01-18
6Taipei city increases budget in subsidizing new electric motorcycle purchases by NT$4,000, offers up to NT$1,500 in public transportation subsidy for taking a two-stroke motorcycle out of use 2019-01-18
7City Government United Health Screenings Available: 116 Sessions Total2019-01-17
8Taipei City Government Celebrates Chinese New Year by Distributing Spring Couplets at 9AM on Jan. 17th2019-01-17
9Taipei Arena Ice Land - Single Purchase Offers Free Ice Land Tickets on Work Days2019-01-16
10Mayor Takes on the Taipei Grand Trails Once Again!2019-01-16
11Consume More Fiber, Less Sugar, Less Fat, and Less salt to Give Your Blood a Healthy Start for the New Year2019-01-15
12Upstream sidewalk on Chenggong Bridge to Reopen on January 182019-01-15
13Unfazed by the Cold Weather, Beautiful Plum Blossoms Bloom in the CKS Shilin Residence Park2019-01-14
14MRT Group IC (chip) Ticket Trial Sale: 1 Person Could Swipe for a Group of Less Than 20 Passengers to Automatically Enter and Exit the Station to Save Time2019-01-14
15Smart Payment Discount for Roadside Parking Fees Extended till June2019-01-11
16Free Applications of Fluoride Varnish for School-aged Children during Winter Vacation2019-01-11
17Get Your Government-funded Flu Shot While Stocks Last2019-01-10
18Mayor Attends TICDA Founding Ceremony, Encourages Industrial Innovation2019-01-10
19An Ideal Spot for Environmental Education - Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden Obtained Its Certification2019-01-09
20The Lake in Yongchun Wetland Park Retains Its Scenery of the Century2019-01-04