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NO.TitlePublish Date
16812. Q: What is the benefit of mediation?2005-05-25
16821. Q: How can we apply for mediation?2005-05-25
16833. Q: Mediation cannot be used for the following types of cases:2005-05-25
16843. Q: I don’t have an NHI IC Card. How can I get one?2005-05-24
16852. Q: How do I pay the NHI premium?2005-05-24
16869. Q: What are the papers needed if a conscript wants to apply for a change in physical fitness status?2005-05-24
16878. Q: When will a duly aged male with Overseas Chinese identification be conscripted?2005-05-24
16886. Q: What if a male possessing Overseas Chinese identification returns to study in the country—is he restricted to a stay of no more than 4 months per entry?2005-05-24
16894. Q: Can conscripts, who are naturalized Taiwan citizens, go abroad?2005-05-24
16902. Q: What is the procedure for drafting conscripts?2005-05-24
16912. Q: When we find damage to the road or ditches, who should we call?2005-05-24
16921. Q: How do I apply to reserve a community park?2005-05-24
16937. Q: Help! I lost my Senior Easy Card!2005-05-24
16946. Q: I am a foreign laborer. I want to apply for an Easy Card for an elderly person. What papers must I bring for the application?2005-05-24
16955. Q: How can I apply to be a citizen temporary laborer?2005-05-24
16964. Q: Can you tell me how to apply for Senior Living Allowance?2005-05-24
16973. Q: I am a foreign laborer. I want to apply for a Disabled Handbook. What documents should I prepare?2005-05-24
16982. Q: Can an alien with resident certificate apply for and receive social aid?2005-05-24
16991. Q: Can an Overseas Chinese with a resident certificate apply for a Disabled Handbook?2005-05-24
17005. Q: Where can I buy the Administrative District Map of Taipei City? 2005-05-24