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1【Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry】Can the host of the subsidy program be included in the personnel expenses?2021-07-20
2【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Can I submit the application first and then offer the contract with outsourcing company separately later?2021-06-24
3How do I set up a social group(association)?2021-05-10
4【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Can I apply grant for Audit fee by CPA?2021-04-15
5【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Should R&D personnel provide progress reports per month or terminally?2021-03-15
6Can I apply for an entrepreneur visa in the name of a team?2021-03-11
7If the registered address is different from the actual renting address, can I apply for the rental subsidy of "Investment Incentives ?2021-01-22
8【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Is there any suggestion for compiling a project budget, e.g., numbers of personnel?2020-12-09
9Does the funding of the incentives & subsidies program include the cost of entrusting an accountant to handle the company's accounts?2020-11-09
10During Subsidies or Incentives project period, could I pay the money by my personal account?2020-10-13
11Is there a minimum capital restriction for establishing a company?2020-09-09
12If all the members are foreigner, could their salaries be subsidized?2020-08-13
13What is the application period for "Startup subsidy", "R&D subsidy" and "Branding subsidy" ?2020-07-06
14How could we file the reimbursement for all the expenses during our project period?2020-06-22
15Do I need to attach the attendance record to verify the personnel expenses of the SITI?2020-05-20
16If some expenses are lack of budgets, could we transfer to other expenses?2020-04-22
17Does the company registered in Co-working space need an individual house number to apply for the SITI?2020-03-18
18How do I know if my business location meets the company registration requirements?2020-01-14
19During project period, could I modify for my budget?2019-12-16
20If the company is applying for GISA regeistering and accepted TPEx's integrative counseling, how long is the counseling period?2019-11-19