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Taipei City Goverment


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Q&A for Overseas Chinese Draees Serving Military Service in Taiwan2019-08-28
2How does the Taipei Metro respond to an earthquake?2019-08-19
3What are the associated charges to be paid when applicant provides seat on a sidewalk in our city, and how to calculate?2019-05-15
4Terms and Conditions for Applications to the Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony2019-03-29
5What is the rate and the working hour?2019-02-22
6How often do you replace bedding plants on the roads?2019-01-23
7When will we receive the subsidy?2018-12-19
8Does Taipei City Government offer special subsidies or tutorship for the disabled to start a business?2018-11-23
9For Branch of Foreign Company, what kinds of subsidy that it could apply?2018-10-22
10Does Taipei City government provide free accounting and legal consultation service?2018-09-07
11When could the company start to apply the startup subsidy?2018-08-08
12How could we file the reimbursement for all the expenses during our project period?2018-06-11
13During project period, could I modify for my budget?2018-06-11
14When a dispute occurs between an employer and a foreign worker (white collar or blue collar), which agency can they contact to help mediate the dispute?2018-05-29
15The rights and obligations of foreign professionals working in Taiwan2018-05-29
16Where a lane, land section or land number has been classified as a planning road, shall the land or when shall the land be expropriated for development? Or is it necessary to make a suggestion to the city government for relevant development works?2018-05-24
17How to extend the Entrepreneur Visa?2018-05-18
18Does a company need to be taxed when they haven't got income yet?2018-05-18
19During project period, could I make replacement of employee?2018-05-18
20When could the company start to apply the startup subsidy?2018-05-18