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NO.TitlePublish Date
1How to apply for adoption for public sidewalks?2024-05-16
2What are the qualifications required for application specified in “the Regulations for Management of Open-Air Cafe Installations in Taipei City”?2024-05-16
3What are the relevant fees to be paid when the applicant installs an open-air cafe on a sidewalk in Taipei City, and how to calculate them?2024-05-16
4Why don't all the arcade buildings with different height set to the same level?2024-05-16
5What is the required passage space for pedestrians when open-air cafes are installed on a sidewalk?2024-05-16
6What is the contract duration of the usage license for installing open-air cafes?2024-05-16
7Where the applicant cannot install open-air cafes?2024-05-16
8What are the regulations of the facilities near open-air cafes within the range of license permission?2024-05-16
9Has the Taipei City Pumping Station made any improvements to improve water pumping efficiency? 2024-01-31
10How do we apply for leveling the arcade in front of our buildings? How does the process work?2023-06-21
11Can we throw tissue paper directly into the toilet?2023-05-24
12Please advise if arrangements can be made for attending visitation and learning at the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant; is it possible to issue an “Environmental Education Hours” certificate and how to apply?2023-05-24
13How many sewage treatment plants are managed by Taipei City? Where are they? Any reference map? 2023-05-24
14What are the round iron plates on the road used for?2023-05-24
15How to report a noisy manhole cover or dented peripheral of sewerage facilities?2023-05-24
16What should I do now if my original septic tank in the basement is not obsoleted when connecting the sewerage pipeline?2023-05-24
17Where and when is the recycled water of Dihua Plant provided for public use? What is the pipe diameter? Is an advance application required? Is there a charge?2023-05-24
18What is the source of recycled water in the Dihua Plant?2023-05-24
19How much recycled water can the Dihua Plant produce in a day? What proportion can be provided for public use?2023-05-24
20Recycled water of the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant can be used for what purposes? Is it allowed for human contact?2023-05-24