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1What is the retention schedule for personal data and case information regarding the petitions & dispatches received through the “Taipei City Petition System,” “TaipeiPASS app,” or “1999 Taipei City Hotline”?2023-09-15
2Can the Public Access Call Recording Files of the 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline? What are the Oldest Files Available? How Long Does It Take to Process a Request? How to Find the Result of a Request?2023-05-19
3What are the different avenues for learning the Hakka dialect?2020-01-29
4What are the addresses and opening hours of the different Hakka centers and cultural halls?2020-01-29
5How to become a shift volunteer of the Hakka Affairs Commission? What are the qualifications to apply for the position?2020-01-29
6What is the nature and content of the work of the volunteers in the Hakka Affairs Commission? What are the different shifts?2020-01-29
7How to apply for subsidies for the “Promotion of Hakka Language Heritage and Cultural Activities Program for the City’s Elementary and Junior High Schools”?2020-01-29
8How to apply for subsidies for the “Taipei City Hakka Culture and Language Related Study Project for Individuals or Groups”?2020-01-29
9How to apply for “Subsidies for the Implementation of Hakka Language Teaching Program in the Taipei City’s Kindergarten Schools”?2020-01-29
10How to apply for subsidies for “Taipei City Hakka Songs and Ballads Classes and Hakka Learning Projects”?2020-01-29
11How to apply for the subsidies on "Taipei City’s Outstanding Hakka Art and Cultural Group for the Promotion of Hakka Cultural Projects”?2020-01-29
12What are the library hours of the Hakka Library and Video Center?2020-01-29
13What are the collections found at the Taipei City Hakka Library and Video Center?2020-01-29
14How do we buy publications released by the HAC?2020-01-29
15Frequently Asked Questions about the "Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park"2020-01-29
16What is the "Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival "?2020-01-29
17How to access the Hakka Culture Quarterly?2020-01-29
18Is it required to give contact information and the real name when filing inquiries/complaints? Is it possible for the personal identifiable information provided to be leaked?2016-06-29
19What are the major functions of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Taipei City Government?2013-12-31
20What are the differences of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), the Taipei City Government (TCG), and that of the Executive Yuan? Does such establishment exist in all local governments and carry the same functions?2013-12-31