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NO.TitlePublish Date
1What is “Taipei Card”?2015-02-11
2What’s the difference between “Taipei Card” and “Second Generation Wellness Card” issued by Department of Health?2015-02-11
3Are there changes with the application process?2015-02-11
4What are the requirements and services of Taipei Card?2015-02-11
5How and where to apply for Taipei Card?2015-02-11
6Can I apply for Taipei Card online?2015-02-11
7If the applicant cannot apply in-person, can the applicant entrust another person to submit the application?2015-02-11
8Is there any application fees for Taipei Card?2015-02-11
9Can the applicant make any changes to services provided by the Taipei Card?2015-02-11
10Which agency is the primary agency for the Taipei Card if the applicant is qualified for services provided by multiple agencies?2015-02-11
11How do I migrate from last generation cards to Taipei Card before Taipei Card Integration Service is online?2015-02-11
12How does the account merging process work for card holders with multiple last generation cards?2015-02-11
13What happens if I lose my Taipei Card?2015-02-11
14How do you replace a lost Taipei Card?2015-02-11
15How do you replace a Taipei Card that has no visible damage, but is unusable?2015-02-11
16What is Taipei Card reward point collection activity?2015-02-11
17What are the requirements for participating in Taipei Card reward point collection activity? 2015-02-11
18What is “Taipei Reward Point”?2015-02-11
19How can I acquire “Taipei Reward Point”?2015-02-11
20 Is “Taipei Reward Point” transferable?2015-02-11