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1Reporting Scalpers2024-06-07
2【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Is there any sample of project proposal?2024-06-06
3If the applicant leaves Taiwan for over two years for study, employment, residency, or travel, does it violate the regulation in Article 19, Paragraph 1, Item 8 of the guidelines?2024-05-29
4Can I move my domicile out of Taipei after applying for the Youth Study Loan?2024-05-29
5Does the Youth Study Loan require returning to Taipei for service?2024-05-29
6Does writing a thesis in Taiwan after completing a master's or doctoral program meet the requirement of "full-time study abroad" in the guidelines?2024-05-29
7Can I apply for the Youth Study Loan if I have not yet paid off other government or Ministry of Education student loans?2024-05-29
8Can the Youth Study Loan be repaid in installments or in full before maturity?2024-05-29
9Can working professionals apply for the Youth Study Loan?2024-05-29
10 Can I apply for the Youth Study Loan before officially enrolling if I need to take language training or lack financial proof?2024-05-29
11Can I apply for the Youth Study Loan for a branch campus or distance learning degree of a university?2024-05-29
12Can I apply for various government scholarships or study abroad grants after receiving the Youth Study Loan?2024-05-29
13What happens if I miss a repayment?2024-05-29
14What should I do if I transfer, suspend, or withdraw from school before the grace period ends? Can the grace period be extended if I resume studies after suspension before the grace period ends?2024-05-29
15Can the loan term and grace period be extended if I continue to pursue a doctoral degree after completing a master's degree and continue to borrow?2024-05-29
16 Can the universities or professional certification training institutions include schools from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau?2024-05-29
17If I take a loan for professional certification, do I have to obtain the certification?2024-05-29
18When should the Youth Study Loan be repaid?2024-05-29
19Does the Youth Study Loan require a guarantor? What are the qualifications for a guarantor?2024-05-29
20Does the Youth Study Loan have an interest subsidy? How is interest calculated?2024-05-29