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Taipei City Goverment


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Does Taipei City government provide free accounting and legal consultation service?2018-09-07
2When could the company start to apply the startup subsidy?2018-08-08
3How could we file the reimbursement for all the expenses during our project period?2018-06-11
4During project period, could I modify for my budget?2018-06-11
5When a dispute occurs between an employer and a foreign worker (white collar or blue collar), which agency can they contact to help mediate the dispute?2018-05-29
6The rights and obligations of foreign professionals working in Taiwan2018-05-29
76. Where a lane, land section or land number has been classified as a planning road, shall the land or when shall the land be expropriated for development? Or is it necessary to make a suggestion to the city government for relevant development works?2018-05-24
8How to extend the Entrepreneur Visa?2018-05-18
9Does a company need to be taxed when they haven't got income yet?2018-05-18
10During project period, could I make replacement of employee?2018-05-18
11When could the company start to apply the startup subsidy?2018-05-18
12Where can I find the applying regulations and process of Subsidies and Incentives Industrial Development for Taipei City?2018-05-18
13How does the Wenhu Line of the Taipei Metro respond to an earthquake?2018-05-10
14How much fly ash and bottom ash is produced from each ton of garbage incinerated in the Muzha Refuse Incineration Plant, Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government?2018-05-01
15What discount is offered for YouBike transfers in Taipei?2018-04-20
16Injury and Illness Allowance: "After entering the camp, the serviceman needs medical treatment because of an illness (injury), is there any allowance for the consultation registration fee or the copayment?"2018-04-19
17Servicemen's rights and benefits: "Under what circumstances can servicemen apply for "family members living subsidies"? What are the conditions and how to apply?"2018-04-19
18Military Cemetery Mangement: "Is there any minibus going up to the Zhongling Hall of the Taipei Military Cemetery?"2018-04-19
19National Health Insurance: "How is the "National Health Insurance" of conscripts handled when they serve the Armed Forces? How are the costs borne?2018-04-19
20Suspension from duty owing to illness: "How long will it take for a serviceman to get confirmation of health results after he has been suspended from duty because of his illness? Will he need to return to service? Can he leave the country during his suspension from duty?"2018-04-19