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121Are the disabled who have no cars (and thus, cannot apply for a special parking identity) eligible for preferential parking when they are driven by another person?2013-06-17
122Do preferential parking measures apply to disabled taxi drivers?2013-06-17
123Can the parking preferences in Jianbei (2), G and H sections?2013-06-17
124Why must the parking identify of the disabled be submitted when the other three certificates are present? This is inconvenient.2013-06-17
125Don’t the disabled need to cancel the payment notice in person or with their car at the parking lot when the three certificates are prepared?2013-06-17
126How have preferential parking measures for the disabled changed since March 1, 2006?2013-06-17
127To increase the driving speed, there should be no roadside parking spaces.2013-06-17
128The government does not arrange special loading/unloading zones, causing considerable inconvenience.2013-06-17
129Is parking specially allowed at a garbage collection station?2013-06-17
130What can be done about parking spaces that are set up illegally?2013-06-17
131Are land rights infringed if a roadside parking space is designated on land that has not yet been expropriated?2013-06-17
132How do I apply for withdrawal of roadside parking spaces in front of the entrance/exit of my garage?2013-06-17
133Undisciplined parking is common in alleys. They should be regulated like major streets.2013-06-17
134There is a serious lack of parking spaces. More parking facilities should be built.2013-06-17
135How are roadside parking spaces designed?2013-06-17
136Is it true that arcade parking can be restricted by agreement of all the residents?2013-06-17
137Why was it necessary to remove motorcycles from sidewalks?2013-06-17
138Where can motorcyclists park after motorcycles are removed from the arcades?2013-06-17
139How should I make a payment if I receive a SMS message on my cell phone from the PMO about an unpaid parking ticket or informed by the interactive voice response system? Is there a payment due date?2013-06-17
140What should I do if I can not complete my ticket payment at a convenient store as a result of a failed barcode scan, unidentifiable amount on the ticket, torn parking ticket or lost parking ticket?2013-06-17