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How do I ensure my rights and interests in a car accident?

1. Call 119 to seek emergency medical aid for injuries.
2. Put a warning sign in an appropriate place and keep the scene clear.
3. Ensure that the scene remains intact. Call 110 to report the accident.
4. Take pictures of the important evidence and accident scene if you have a camera with you.
5. Find eyewitness to help you establish facts of the accident, particularly traffic lights concerned.
6. Exchange vehicle registration data with all involved parties and ensure contact information. Call insurance personnel to the scene if necessary.
7. Review the statements taken by the police and double-check the illustrations of the scene before signing any statement.
8. In minor car damage without casualty, locate the position of each vehicle by marking the positions of the vehicle’s four corners (or the wheels), or the exact location where a motorcycle fell; then pull over the vehicles to the roadside as soon as possible to ensure traffic flow to avoid getting fined for blocking traffic.
9. If the parties agree to settle the accident privately, they do not need to call the police. However, they should note all settlement terms in a mediation agreement to avoid future disputes.
10. When no settlement is reached, call the police immediately and do not leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident will constitute hit-and-run.