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Why was it necessary to remove motorcycles from sidewalks?

Currently, there are more than 1 million motorcycles in Taipei City. This number is far greater than the number of cars, and it is increasing at a rate of more than 3% every year. This means that currently there are 353 motorcycles for every 1000 citizens in Taipei City, or that more than 1 of every 3 citizens has a motorcycle. Most motorcycles are parked on sidewalks and in arcades, affecting the parking order at some road sections. As a result, the regulation of motorcycle parking has become a major concern of the city.
Motorcycles parked on sidewalks and at arcades prevent pedestrians from passing through safely. To solve this problem and increase the comfort and convenience of citizens, the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government has planned parking facilities along some major roads and simultaneously restricted sidewalk parking. This implementation protects both pedestrian right-of-way and the rights of motorcyclists.