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Is it true that arcade parking can be restricted by agreement of all the residents?

The city government has gradually been withdrawing motorcycles from arcades and sidewalks for more than 10 years, with broad public support and praise. To continue this plan and ensure that residents can make use of the parking spaces attached to the buildings in their communities, other than the road section specified by the city, the management committee of the community or building can apply for provision of reasonable parking spaces for motorcycles. A site survey will then be used to determine whether this is possible.
To help motorcyclists identify buildings where arcade parking is prohibited, No Parking stickers are affixed to the pillars of the arcade. The building management committee is responsible for maintaining clearance of the arcade, while each branch of the police station, traffic division of the Policy Department, and we are responsible for reporting the illegality. In doing so, we hope to prevent motorcyclists from parking their motorcycles in the arcade and create a better environment for pedestrians.