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61How does the driver handle a situation in which a train passenger feels uncomfortable and needs medical assistance?2016-04-01
62What can I do if my EasyCard is withheld by the value-adding machine or if the process of value-adding is irregular?2016-04-01
63If I need to leave the station paid area for a short period, to visit the restroom for example, what can I do?2016-04-01
64What are the regulations on lost objects within Taipei Metro premises?2016-04-01
65How to use the new-style automatic fare collection gate?2016-04-01
66What is the procedure for advertising in metro stations?2016-04-01
67When do train drivers sound the horn?2016-04-01
68Why do you broadcast station names in four languages?2016-04-01
69What is the procedure for making up the fare?2016-04-01
70Do I need to buy a ticket if I remain in a station for a short period?2016-04-01
71How should I take care of my EasyCard?2016-04-01
72How can I check my EasyCard transaction record?2016-04-01
73What are the regulations for using commemorative tickets?2016-04-01
74How do I purchase a Group Ticket?2016-04-01
75How do I add value to the EasyCard?2016-03-01
76How do you decide whether broadcasts are live or pre-recorded for High-Capacity Systems?2014-11-26
77At what moment do train doors open and close on the Taipei Metro? Who is in control? What happens if the doors are obstructed?2014-11-25
78Will the Xiaobitan branch line be merged into the operation of the Green line?(Planning)2014-04-24
79What is the difference between "transfers made on the opposite side of the platform" and "transfers made by going up or down a level or floor"?(Planning)2014-04-24
80What is the L-shaped network? What benefits does it bring to passengers?(Planning)2014-04-24