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1How is the suspension of license plate due to violation records be handled?2024-03-18
2How should the suspension of a driver's license due to violation points be handled?2024-03-18
3Is there an active service for notifying about violation points?2024-03-18
4How to inquire about recorded points?2024-03-18
5Is there a mechanism for offsetting recorded points?2024-03-18
6How are points recorded for vehicles rented (long-term rental) in the name of a company?2024-03-18
7Will points be recorded for a vehicle owner without a driver's license or if the vehicle is registered under the name of a company?2024-03-18
8Do photo-enforced tickets also result in points being recorded?2024-03-18
9How are points calculated under the new regulations of traffic violation point system (effective from June 30, 2023)?2024-03-18
10How to apply for a self-paid road traffic safety lessons to offset 2 points if the cumulative traffic violation points reach 6 within a year?2024-03-18
11How can I place an advertisement in the Taipei Metro?2023-12-25
12How do I withdraw my report application and obtain a refund?2023-12-05
13How do I request an analysis report?2023-12-05
14I misplaced my traffic ticket. How do I pay the fine?2023-08-07
15How are charging violation points and suspension of driver license handled?2023-08-02
16When applying for attributing the liability from a citation to the driver, will the driver be charged with violation points or will the driver’s license be suspended?2023-08-02
17Where can I use EasyCard for parking?2022-07-01
18What are the regulations on carry-on objects and size of luggage?2022-01-23
19What are the bus/metro fares charged on different types of stored value cards?2020-02-01
20How does the Taipei Metro respond to an earthquake?2019-08-19