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1When applying for attributing the liability from a citation to the driver, will the driver be charged with violation points or will the driver’s license be suspended?2019-12-23
2How are charging violation points and suspension of driver license handled?2019-12-23
3How does the Taipei Metro respond to an earthquake?2019-08-19
4What discount is offered for YouBike transfers in Taipei?2018-04-20
5Can I pay traffic fines at a counter by credit card?2017-11-07
6Where is the location of the Taipei Metro Souvenir Shop?2017-06-13
7What are the principles for station planning on the Taipei MRT? (Planning)2017-04-19
8How is safety ensured at MRT construction sites?2017-04-19
9What special accident prevention measures are applied to the Wenhu line trains? (E&M Systems)2017-04-19
10Following a serious fire that happened on the Daegu Subway in Korea, please describe advanced accident prevention measures applied to the Wenhu line. (E&M Systems)2017-04-19
11Apart from the MRT routes in operation, are there any other routes under construction or being planned? (Planning)2017-04-19
12What plans are there for the areas beneath the MRT's elevated sections? (Planning)2017-04-19
13What is the procedure for naming each station? (Others)2017-04-19
14How is land for Taipei MRT construction acquired? Are there any difficulties in acquiring the land? How are the difficulties solved? If the land is privately owned, what is the compensation standard? (Others)2017-04-19
15What financial mechanisms does DORTS use to attract investors to participate in the joint development project? (Joint Development)2017-04-19
16How do you decide which sites along an MRT line are suitable for joint development. and what work processes do you need to go through? (Joint Development)2017-04-19
17What land development projects are associated with the MRT? (Joint Development)2017-04-19
18Is the pattern for emergency evacuation on the Wenhu line the same as for the existing Taipei MRT system that evacuates passengers from the front or rear doors of the MRT train? (E&M Systems)2017-04-19
19Are all of the Taipei MRT lines running a compatible system? (E&M Systems)2017-04-19
20Do the MRT's elevated sections have a negative impact on the urban landscape? If yes, how can you solve the problem? (Civil Works)2017-04-19