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What should I do if I can not complete my ticket payment at a convenient store as a result of a failed barcode scan, unidentifiable amount on the ticket, torn parking ticket or lost parking ticket?


1.If you are unable to complete your parking ticket payment at a convenient store, please consider the following approaches:

1.1Search and print your parking ticket on a multimedia kiosk in the four major convenient store chains (7-ELEVEN, Hi-Life, Taiwan FamilyMart, or OK Mart) and pay directly at their counter in the payment period. (From the third day after you receive your parking ticket until the end of the grace period, or seven days after the due date.) Additionally, payment reminder notices such as parking ticket payment reminders or parking ticket payment collection notices can also be searched or printed on a multimedia kiosk and paid at the counter of a convenient store. (Please note that the multimedia kiosk is only available to print or search unpaid tickets that have not passed their due date.)
1.2Search for your ticket at the search page of the PMO (Parking Management and Development Office, http://www.pma.taipei.gov.tw) website, print the ticket using a laser printer and pay at convenient store chains (7-ELEVEN, Hi-Life, Taiwan FamilyMart, or OK Mart) or collection points such as CPC gas stations in Taipei City or New Taipei City.
1.3Collection services are also available at all PMO (Parking Management and Development Office) authorized off street parking lots, such as public 3D and underground parking lots, service centers (1F, No. 300, Songde Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City) and Traffic Adjudication Office, Taipei City Government (#19, 20 counters, 7F, Shuiyuan building; address: No. 92, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City). Their addresses can be searched on the PMO website (http://www.pma.taipei.gov.tw)

2.If you cannot locate your parking ticket or it is lost upon your return to your street parking space, please be advised to call our service hotline at (02)2726-9600 for ticket details.