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NO.TitlePublish Date
101Where is Nanshen Floodgate located?2009-08-28
102Why is it necessary to test the opening and closing operation of Nanshen Floodgate?2009-08-28
103What is the timing to shut Nanshen Floodgate?2009-08-28
104Why are midnights in the flood season selected to be the time for test runs of the Nanshen Floodgate?2009-08-28
105When will Nanshen Floodgate be re-opened after being closed due to a typhoon or heavy rain?2009-08-28
106How shall we obtain messages about when Nanshen Floodgate will be closed in flood season or in time of an imminent typhoon?2009-08-28
107When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, how shall vehicle drivers heading downtown from Jiuzhuang change routes?2009-08-28
108When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, how shall vehicle drivers change routes?2009-08-28
109When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, how shall vehicle drivers heading Jiuzhuang from downtown change routes?2009-08-28
110When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, why is parking not allowed on the curbs of access road in the north bank of Sifen Stream?2009-08-28
111When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, why are vehicles not allowed to reach the access road in the north bank of Sifen Stream from Qinli Bridge?2009-08-28
112How to apply for sidewalk adoption?2009-08-17
113What are the average sewage capacity and the maximum sewage capacity treated by three sewage treatment plants every day?2009-08-11
114What responsibility should one citizen take in the event of his (her) failing to comply with Taipei City Government’s policy for free connection of sewers?2009-08-11
115What are the official documents or procedures we need to confirm before a third party contractor enters house to inspect sewage discharge system?2009-08-11
116What is the contact window for any question about a project for connection of sewers?2009-08-11
117How do I deal with the septic tank preserved after the sewer is connected to my residence?2009-08-11
118How do I do for one sewer missed to be connected? Is the sewerage charge refundable?2009-08-11
119Why should I be charged for employment of sewers in the event of a septic tank preserved under a building’s basement?2009-08-11
120Why can’t we request to lower the sewage charge?2009-08-11