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121How do I do for foul smell filled interiorly?2009-08-11
122Will unlicensed building within the scope of a sewage project be reconstructed after removal to maintain minimum fire protecting distance?2009-08-11
123Which government entity can we contact when any of the manholes is making noise or making the road surface uneven?2009-08-11
124What items does a sewerage project contain?2009-08-11
125What function does a large round iron plate on the road have?2009-08-11
126Why isn’t the sewer connected to my residence after my unlicensed building has been torn down?2009-08-11
127What is the sewage piping system?2009-08-11
128What strategy does the Taipei City Government have for an accident of a citizen driving through a construction site of the Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department?2009-08-04
129How does the Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City deal with a complaint accusing a construction site of noise at night?2009-08-04
130What are the bidding qualifications for the land on the completed roads?2009-08-03
131What can I visit in a sewage treatment plant? And when can I visit it?2009-08-03
132How do I apply for visiting Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant, Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, and Bali Sewage Treatment Plant?2009-08-03
133How many sewage treatment plants are governed by Taipei City? Where are they? 2009-08-03
134What are steps adopted by these three plants for treatment of sewage?2009-08-03
135How do three sewage treatment plants discharge effluent?2009-08-03
136What is the number to call for reporting a flood in the City?2009-07-17
137How do we prevent basement flooding in a flood prone area?2009-07-17