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NO.TitlePublish Date
121If I have structural safety, building water leakage and soil/water conservation related engineering technical problem, will the city government assign professional technical personnel to provide improvement opinions?2020-06-01
122XX public construction is causing hazards to the environmental ecology, residential quietness, traffic or public safety?2020-06-01
123XX public construction progress is slow?2020-06-01
124XX public construction quality is poor and progress is slow?2020-06-01
125How often do you replace bedding plants on the roads?2019-01-23
126Who do I have to talk to when I found a damaged roadside ditch cover?2016-04-21
127How to apply for setting up an advertisement on pedestrian overpass?2014-04-22
128When are the service hours of riverside bike rental stations?2013-12-12
129How to rent a riverside bike?2013-12-12
130How should I apply for building advertising signs or banners on the pedestrian overpass ?2013-06-19
131Why we need to investigate the manmade-slope?2013-06-18
132How to know the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2013-06-18
133Which department is in charge of the arcade leveling project?2013-04-23
134What is the competent authority responsible for “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2012-04-19
135What is the scope for providing sidewalk seats under “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2012-04-19
136How to check whether my house is in the slope communities governed by Taipei City Government or not?2012-02-20
137What’s the meaning of A, B, and C slope communities classified by Construction and Planning Agency?2012-02-20
138Where are the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2012-02-20
139What is the timing for vehicles in parking lots within river basins to evacuate during a typhoon period?2011-06-14
140During a typhoon or heavy rain, how would vehicles left outside the levees be handled?2011-05-05