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61What responsibility should one citizen take in the event of his (her) failing to comply with Taipei City Government’s policy for free connection of sewers?2023-05-01
62What are the official documents or procedures we need to confirm before a third party contractor enters house to inspect sewage discharge system?2023-05-01
63What is the contact window for any question about a project for connection of sewers?2023-05-01
64How do I deal with the septic tank preserved after the sewer is connected to my residence?2023-05-01
65How do I do for one sewer missed to be connected? Is the sewerage charge refundable?2023-05-01
66Why should I be charged for employment of sewers in the event of a septic tank preserved under a building’s basement?2023-05-01
67Why can’t we request to lower the sewage charge?2023-05-01
68When sewage charges increase due to tap water pipelines leakage will user be exempted from sewage charges?2023-05-01
69How do I do for foul smell filled interiorly?2023-05-01
70Will unlicensed building within the scope of a sewage project be reconstructed after removal to maintain minimum fire protecting distance?2023-05-01
71Which government entity can we contact when any of the manholes is making noise or making the road surface uneven?2023-05-01
72How do I apply for a “non-unified excavation certificate for sewers"?2023-05-01
73What items does a sewerage project contain?2023-05-01
74What function does a large round iron plate on the road have?2023-05-01
75Why isn’t the sewer connected to my residence after my unlicensed building has been torn down?2023-05-01
76What is the sewage piping system?2023-05-01
77Who is managing and what is the contact number for Nei-Hu Sewage Treatment Plant (Nei-Hu Sports Park)?2023-05-01
78Why is a “sewerage charge” shown on my water bill and almost equal to my water fee? How is it computed?2023-05-01
79How is the cleaning pipelines Service Fee counted? When should the application be made beforehand?2023-05-01
80What are the rules and regulations we need to know when using Softball Field in the Recreational Sports Park affiliated with the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-01