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Taipei City Goverment

Public Works

NO.TitlePublish Date
16. Where a lane, land section or land number has been classified as a planning road, shall the land or when shall the land be expropriated for development? Or is it necessary to make a suggestion to the city government for relevant development works?2018-05-24
2We are organizing a charity event and would like to apply for the approval of using a section of road as the event ground. What do we have to do to apply for the approval?2017-05-19
3When is the Beitou Gondola expected to be built and completed?2016-04-21
4Who do I have to talk to when I found a damaged roadside ditch cover?2016-04-21
5What are the time, location, and process that recycled water provided to public at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Do you need to apply in advance? Is there any fee for the application?2016-01-13
6What is the source of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2016-01-13
7How much recycled water is produced a day at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? How much of it can be provided to public?2016-01-13
8What is the purpose of recycled water that being produced from the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Is it safe for human usage?2016-01-13
9How is the quality control of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2016-01-13
10Is my house connected to the sewerage system?2014-05-01
11How to apply for setting up an advertisement on pedestrian overpass?2014-04-22
12When are the service hours of riverside bike rental stations?2013-12-12
13How to rent a riverside bike?2013-12-12
14How should I apply for building advertising signs or banners on the pedestrian overpass ?2013-06-19
15Why we need to investigate the manmade-slope?2013-06-18
16How to know the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2013-06-18
17What are the P and R factors of the fee-charging standards for usage of urban road?2013-04-23
18What are the stipulations governing the reduction and exemption of the fee-charging for usage of urban road? basis?2013-04-23
19Which department is in charge of the arcade leveling project?2013-04-23
20How do we apply for leveling the arcade in front of our buildings? How does the process work?2013-04-23