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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Is my house connected to the sewerage system?2023-05-24
42I have already demolished illegal building, why is pipeline connection not yet carried out?2023-05-24
43How is the Sewage Treatment Plant’s local compensation fund calculated?2023-05-24
44What can I do if I missed pipeline connection? Is the levied Sewerage Utilization Fee refundable? 2023-05-24
45Whether or not demolished illegal buildings in fire lanes within announced areas for sewerage connection can be restored (afterwards)?2023-05-24
46Sewerage Utilization Fee is too high; any chance for an adjustment?2023-05-24
47Will there be contractor’s personnel entering the resident for investigating sewage discharge without wearing a relevant batch or certificate?2023-05-24
48How to apply for visiting Dihua, Neihu or Bali Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-24
49Can the Sewerage Utilization Fee be exempted if leakage of the water pipeline causes an increase of water fee?2023-05-24
50How to apply and download relevant forms for the review of self-paid design case of a New (Existing) Building? 2023-05-24
51How should the Local Compensation Fund be used ?2023-05-24
52How is compensation scope scheduled for each sewage treatment plant and how is compensation funding proportioned?2023-05-24
53What construction items are included in the user’s drainage equipment?2023-05-24
54Is there a charge for dredging a public sewerage pipeline? Is an advance application required? How many days in advance?2023-05-24
55What is the consequence if the user refuses to connect the system when the city government carries out free-of-charge connection?2023-05-24
56The Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant feedback park (Neihu Sports Park), the Management Unit? Contact Number?2023-05-24
57Which villages are eligible for the Compensation Payment of the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-24
58What is Sewerage?2023-05-24
59Why is there a levy of sewerage use fee when a building’s septic tank is not yet obsolete? 2023-05-24
60Space requirements for sewerage construction and maintenance2023-05-24