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How to borrow a free hand-operated tricycle?

[Applications will proceed in accordance with different epidemic warning levels and the epidemic prevention regulations during the coronavirus outbreak period. Get the latest news, please consult the website of "Taipei riverside bike rental stations " (http://www.ukan.com.tw/newsv)]

Borrowing free hand-operated tricycles

(1) Eligibility

1. People with physical disabilities

2. People with disabilities

3. Seniors aged 65 years and older 

Priority of eligibilities: (1)◊(2)◊(3).

(2) Availability: 10 riverside bike rental stations in Taipei City.

(3) Time: 08:00–21:00 (borrowing closed at 20:00), Monday through Sunday. Same-day borrowing only. Borrowing and return services are temporarily closed during noon break at 12:00–14:00 from Monday thru Friday (excluding national holidays).

(4) Method of borrowing

1. People with disabilities: Please show the Disability Card onsite. Seniors aged 65 or older: Please show the ID Card onsite.

2. Leave your ID (any one of the following: Disability Card, ID Card, NHI Card, driver’s license, student card) and contact information. IDs will be returned on tricycle return.

 People with physical disabilities readily identifiable from the appearance can leave an ID to borrow the tricycle.

3. Borrowing and return are limited within the same place. Maximum length of each session is 2 hours. A session can be extended for one hour only when no other borrowers are on the waitlist. 

4. Onsite registration or booking is available. If a borrower fails to pick up the tricycle after 10 minutes, the booking will be canceled.  Booking a hand-operated tricycle: 

  4.1 Phone booking: Kanmy Enterprise Customer Service Hotline: (02) 2258-7425

  4.2 Online booking: e-mail to bike.service@msa.hinet.net

5. Borrowers failing to return the tricycle by the end of the session will be registered for restriction from borrowing within 30 days.

(5) Special notices

1. All hand-operated tricycles are lent onsite for free with simple instructions to use. No teaching or pick-up services are available.

2. Borrowers should use hand-operated tricycles properly. They must take full responsibility for the injuries caused to themselves or others due to improper use.

3. Borrowers must use the tricycle with due care and take the responsibility for indemnifying the loss of or damage caused to the tricycle.

4. The borrowing service will be suspended without further notice when the Central Weather Bureau issues a sea or land typhoon warning or torrential rain warning with alert areas covering Taipei City.