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41Is there a subscription fee for CyberCitizen membership?2014-05-23
42Do I have to be a resident of Taipei to join CyberCitizen?2014-05-23
43What’s all the talk about Taipei’s fiber-optic network deployment?2014-05-23
44Why is it important to push ahead with the FTTH project?2014-05-23
45Is the FTTH project funded by Taipei City Government?2014-05-23
46How do I contact Taifo?2014-05-23
47Objectives of the FTTH project2014-05-23
48How many city districts will be covered by the planned deployment of FTTH?2014-05-23
49What services does the FTTH project offer?2014-05-23
50What is the total length of the network deployed under the FTTH project?2014-05-23
51What is the difference between ADSL and FTTH?2014-05-23
52What is the current status of the FTTH project?2014-05-23
53When will the residents of Taipei be able to enjoy the services of FTTH?2014-05-23
54Why complete FTTH deployment in Neihu, Nangang, Songshan, and Xinyi districts before other districts?2014-05-23
55How do I apply for the FTTH services?2014-05-23
56Since I already have ADSL at home, why is the City still constructing the fiber-optic network?2014-05-23
57What are the preferential deals for FTTH services subscription rates?2014-05-23
58What are the services provided by Taipei e-Services Online?2014-05-22
59Do I have to register as a member of Taipei e-Services Online to apply for the services? Will there be any charges for accessing the services?2014-05-22
60What if I still have questions about using e-services after reading through the instructions on the website?2014-05-22