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21Can Taipei Reward Point and Concessionaire EasyCard point be used together?2015-02-11
22Why is the collection and redeeming of “Taipei Reward Point” Limited to Taipei City Residents?2015-02-11
23Will the award points of the “Taipei Card” expire? 2015-02-11
24How do you redeem “Taipei Reward Point”?2015-02-11
25How do I use the EasyCard stored value acquired from converting “Taipei Reward Point”? 2015-02-11
26 Is point redemption with Taipei Card limited to only once?2015-02-11
27Should the total amount of EasyCard stored value converted from Taipei Reward Point be included in the annual withholding tax from income? 2015-02-11
28If I lost my Taipei Card, can someone who found the card redeem all “Taipei Reward Point” in the card?2015-02-11
29Do I have to visit the designated location in person to convert my reward points into EasyCard stored value? Or can I assign a friend to do it for me? 2015-02-11
30What kinds of discount can Taipei Card holders enjoy?2015-02-11
31How do you take advantage of discounts and offerings with Taipei Card?2015-02-11
32How do I inquire about the progress of FTTH implementation?2014-12-25
33I was told by Chunghwa Telecom that I can’t access fiber-optic network due to inadequate conduits around the area of my house to install optical fiber cables. Can Taifo provide the service?2014-12-25
34Does Taifo charge more for the FTTH service compared to other telecom service providers such as Chunghwa Telecom?2014-12-25
35What are the subscription rates for FTTH service?2014-12-25
36How do I report situations where the FTTH construction has affected my life?2014-12-25
37What are all these new metal boxes out in the street and what are they used for? 2014-12-25
38Does the utility box emit electromagnetic waves?2014-12-25
39What are the dimensions of the FTTH utility box? Will the boxes obstruct the landscape?2014-12-25
40Can I demand the utility box installed near my house to be relocated? What would be the consequences?2014-12-25