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21Does Taifo charge more for the FTTH service compared to other telecom service providers such as Chunghwa Telecom?2014-12-25
22What are the subscription rates for FTTH service?2014-12-25
23How do I report situations where the FTTH construction has affected my life?2014-12-25
24What are all these new metal boxes out in the street and what are they used for? 2014-12-25
25Does the utility box emit electromagnetic waves?2014-12-25
26What are the dimensions of the FTTH utility box? Will the boxes obstruct the landscape?2014-12-25
27Can I demand the utility box installed near my house to be relocated? What would be the consequences?2014-12-25
28Will residents be consulted or notified before the installation of FTTH utility boxes?2014-12-25
29Will the utility boxes intrude upon pedestrians’ right of way?2014-12-25
30Is the contact number for Taifo (TEL: 0809-080-081) toll free?2014-12-25
31I learned that Taifo is deploying the city’s fiber-optic network. Is it true?2014-12-25
32I learned that Taifo will install optical fiber cables in communities (buildings). Is it true?2014-12-25
33What are the benefits of FTTH?2014-12-25
34What are the preferential deals for FTTH service subscription?2014-12-25
35What is the background of Taifo?2014-12-24
36What is the relationship between Taifo and the city government?2014-12-24
37Why does FTTH project use micro-trenching technique? What are the advantages of micro-trenching?2014-12-24
38What’s all the talk about Taipei’s fiber-optic network deployment?2014-05-23
39Why is it important to push ahead with the FTTH project?2014-05-23
40Is the FTTH project funded by Taipei City Government?2014-05-23