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41Does the Library provide wireless internet access services?2011-04-20
42Can I install any software onto the Library's computers?2011-04-20
43When are the computers provided by Taipei Public Library available for use?2011-04-20
44How do I pick up materials from other libraries I requested?2011-04-20
45How much do you charge for accessing materials from other libraries?2011-04-20
46How long does it take for inter-library services to be rendered?2011-04-20
47Can I ask the Library to borrow books from other libraries for me?2011-04-20
48How do I access master's or doctoral dissertations from Taipei Public Library?2011-04-20
49Is inter-library photocopying of periodicals not in the Library's collection available?2011-04-20
50How to apply for these services?2011-04-20
51What services are provided through inter-library cooperation?2011-04-20
52How to apply to co-sponsor "Taipei Lifelong Learning Passport" events?2011-04-20
53[Taipei Lifelong Learning Passport]Can certification stamps and hours be recognized at a later date?2011-04-20
54[Taipei Lifelong Learning Passport] How are certification hours calculated?2011-04-20
55How do I apply for a "Taipei City Lifelong Learning Certificate" or a "Taipei City Lifelong Learning Model Certificate"?2011-04-20
56[Taipei Lifelong Learning Passport] How do I obtain additional pages after exhausting those in my Passport?2011-04-20
57How do I apply for a "Taipei City Lifelong Learning Passport"?2011-04-20
58Are courses provided by agencies co-sponsoring the lifelong learning passport program counted toward the certification of a "Civil Servant Lifelong Learning Passport"?2011-04-20
59How do I obtain the "Taipei City Lifelong Learning Newsletter"?2011-04-20
60[Taipei Lifelong Learning Passport] How do I obtain information on various certification courses or activities?2011-04-20