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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Lost and found?2024-07-16
2What accessibility facilities are available at TAPO for handicapped people? 2024-07-16
3Is there a dress code for attending the theaters? 2024-07-16
4Who should I ask about Taipei’s regional opera collective performances (collective performances for Taiwanese Opera and Puppet Theater)? 2024-07-16
5Where can I get the monthly “Arts News?” 2024-07-16
6Who should I speak to if I have questions regarding “Arts Festival in Community” events? 2024-07-16
7What if I left something behind after attending a performance at the Family Theater? 2024-07-16
8What is the seating capacity of the Family Theater? 2024-07-16
9How do I buy tickets to programs at the Dadaocheng Theater? 2024-07-16
10What are the seating capacities of Dadaocheng Theater 8F and 9F? 2024-07-16
11What is the seating capacity of B2 Theater at Wenshan Theater? 2024-07-16
12Where can I park if I am attending a performance at the Metropolitan Hall? 2024-07-16
13Can I use the Metropolitan Hall? 2024-07-16
14What is the seating capacity of Metropolitan Hall? 2024-07-16
15How do buy tickets for ticketed programs at Metropolitan Hall? 2024-07-16
16What are the registration times, class times, and class ours for arts classes at the TAPO Main Building?2024-07-16
17Where can I look up exhibitions at the TAPO Main Building?2024-07-16
18What is back issue sales?2023-05-05
19Does the zoo provide drinking water? Are there water fountains? Where are they located?2023-03-08
20How many nursing rooms are there at the zoo? Where are diaper changing tables located?2023-03-07