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81Could I ask others to apply for the Library Card for myself?2011-04-19
82What should I bring for the application of the Library Card if my child does not have a R.O.C. Citizen ID?2011-04-19
83What documents are required for the Library Card application?2011-04-19
84What are the opening hours of Taipei Public Library’s Children's Rooms?2011-04-19
85What are the Library's opening hours?2011-04-19
86Are lockers available at Taipei Astronomical Museum's Tourist Information Center?2010-08-17
87Are strollers and wheelchairs available at Taipei Astronomical Museum?2010-08-17
88Does the Taipei Astronomical Museum have nursing rooms?2010-08-17
89Does the Taipei Astronomical Museum have restrooms for the disabled?2010-08-17
90What should I do when my belongings are lost at the Taipei Astronomical Museum?2010-08-17
91Does the Taipei Astronomical Museum provide food?2010-08-17
92Is smoking prohibited at the Taipei Astronomical Museum?2010-08-17
93Can I re-enter the exhibit hall after visiting other places of the Taipei Astronomical Museum?2010-08-17
94When does the Taipei Astronomical Museum open?2010-07-20
95How do I get to the Taipei Astronomical Museum by car, bus, or MRT?2010-07-20
96How much is admission to the Taipei Astronomical Museum?2010-07-20
97Where is the Taipei Astronomical Museum parking ?2010-07-20
98ZSH FAQ2009-12-22
99Can I buy a discount ticket or enjoy free entry?2009-09-10
100When is the zoo open? Which indoor exhibits are closed every Monday?2009-09-10