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NO.TitlePublish Date
61How do I apply for a "Taipei City Lifelong Learning Passport"?2011-04-20
62Does the Library keep back issues of newspapers?2011-04-20
63Can I borrow the periodicals at the Libraries?2011-04-20
64Can I reserve materials that are listed as "new arrivals"?2011-04-20
65Can I cancel a Hold (reserve) item made online or change the Library branch from which reserved materials are to be picked up?2011-04-20
66How will I be notified of the arrival of my books?2011-04-20
67What is my Library Card Number, and what is my Password?2011-04-20
68How will I be fined if the ‘hold’ item is not picked up by the "Hold Until" date ?2011-04-20
69How do I place a Hold (reserve) on Library materials?2011-04-20
70Do I need to go to a certain Branch Library in order to borrow materials from there?2011-04-20
71Must I return the books to the Branch Library that I borrowed from?2011-04-20
72How will I be fined if the borrowed materials are overdue?2011-04-20
73How should I compensate for any loss or damage to the materials?2011-04-20
74Can I ask others to borrow books with my Library Card?2011-04-20
75How long can I borrow the materials?2011-04-20
76Could I renew the materials before they are overdue?2011-04-20
77Can the information stored in the chips of EasyCard Library cards be leaked to others?2011-04-20
78Can I borrow materials from the Intelligent Libraries and all Library branches with an EasyCard Library card?2011-04-20
79How do I report the loss of an EasyCard Library card?2011-04-20
80Do I have to pay to apply for an EasyCard Library card?2011-04-20