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1Emerging infectious diseases precautions?2022-08-25
2Can I call 119 for assistance when I am stuck in an elevator?2022-07-26
3What is the threshold for sending disaster warning messages?2022-07-22
4How to download and use the bureau's video 119 App services and features?2022-07-22
5Precautions for Educational Visits to the Disaster Prevention Science Museum (During the Level 2 Epidemic Prevention Alert Period)2022-03-25
6How does the City apply for field ignition and burning and sky lantern application?2022-01-24
7Information about the water heater relocation or replacement grant of NT.3,000?2022-01-24
8How can I distinguish when I receive a "Disaster Alert Cell Broadcast Service message" (CBS or PWS for short) and not a prank SMS?2021-12-24
9What are the contingency measures in the event of a volcanic eruption in the city?2021-12-24
10How to deal with insect stings and bites?2021-11-24
11What government agencies are responsible for the management of water recreation activities?2021-11-24
12What are Taipei City's laws and regulations on water recreation activities?2021-11-24
13What is the fine for deliberately causing damage to a hydrant?2021-11-24
14What are the penalties for temporary parking of cars in front of fire hydrants?2021-11-24
15Q&A of Taipei City's Provision of Fire Channels2021-11-24
16What are the 5 main response rules when a mountaineering disaster occurs?2021-11-24
17What are the things to note for mountain climbing?2021-11-24
18What are the things to note to avoid being attacked by bees?2021-11-24
19Could drivers who give way to fire engines or ambulances request the Fire Department to provide information on duty or dispatch in order to cancel any relevant traffic fines?2021-11-24
20What qualifications are required to assist the city’s rescue workers?2021-11-24