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Precautions for Educational Visits to the Disaster Prevention Science Museum (During the Level 2 Epidemic Prevention Alert Period)

1.Visiting and closing time of the museum (during the level 2 epidemic prevention.
alert period):
(1) Admission time: every Tuesday to Sunday AM: 09:00~12:00 (last admission time is 11:00), PM: 14:00~17:00 (last admission time is 16:00) , the visit time is limited to 1 hour.
(2) Closing time: Every Monday and the Spring Festival holiday (New Year's Eve, the first day and the second day of the first day), the library will be closed for a fixed period of time.
2. Apply for a visit:
(1) The Disaster Prevention Science Education Center adopts a single entrance, and everyone entering the museum must implement the real-time registration system, measure body temperature, disinfect hands with alcohol, wear masks and prohibit eating and drinking throughout the process.
(2) The daily maximum number of visitors is 300 in the morning and in the afternoon. The admission time is limited to 2 hours, and the floor is divided for visits to maintain social distance
(3) Open dynamic experience areas: fire-fighting experience room, smoke experience room, earthquake experience room, high-capacity self-walking ladder, outdoor fire hydrant water jetting area and small fire water jetting vehicle.
(4) Open static experience (display) area:
wind and rain experience room, immediate r escue of sunshine - digital interactive exhibition area, fire museum, multimedia.
classroom and other 4 areas.
(5) The venues will implement visiting f acilities and environmental disinfection operations in the morning, noon and afternoon (3 times in total).