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What are the things to note for mountain climbing?

I. Things to note before the trip:
1. Engage an experienced mountaineer or professional guide to lead the way, to prevent accidents from happening.
2. Build up stamina and practice your skills during normal time, and consider your physical capability when choosing the type of mountain to climb.
3. Climate changes in mountain areas. Hence, take note of the weather condition before setting off. If there are predictable weather changes such as an approaching typhoon or heavy rain, do not go into the mountains. If you are already in the mountains, seek refuge in a safe location as soon as possible.
4. Be fully equipped for mountaineering. Bring a satellite positioning device (GPS) or mobile phone (satellite phone), medical equipment and medication, reflector, rescue call equipment such as a smoke signal, as well as spare batteries.
II. Things to note during the trip:
1. The distance between the mountaineers should not be too far apart. Stay within shouting distance, and pay attention to the team members’ condition at all times.
2. Do not go on unbeaten paths. It is best to follow the signs left behind by earlier mountaineers.
3. Do not drink too much water in one go as it will increase the amount of sweat, resulting in your tiring easily; as air is thin in the mountains, regulate your speed and breathing at all times, do not increase or decrease your speed suddenly.
4. While trekking on a collapsed cliff, gravelly slope, or dangerous and steep section, pay special attention to safety.
5. After entering the mountain area, inform the mountain administrators, police authorities you encounter on the way or your family about your whereabouts at all times.