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What are the contingency measures in the event of a volcanic eruption in the city?

1.Since the Datun Volcano Group has been confirmed by scholars to be an active volcano and there is a magma reservoir, the Fire Department of Taiwan University was commissioned to conduct a study on the "Taipei City Volcanic Disaster Preparedness and Rescue Response Mechanism" in 2012, and the "Volcano Warning Signal Classification Table" and "Volcanic Disaster Evacuation Process" were developed as emergency response mechanisms.
2.On September 4, 2017, the Fire Department invited the Disaster Prevention Office of the Central Executive Yuan, the Fire Department, the National Center for Disaster Prevention and Relief Technology (NCDR), the Central Weather Bureau, the Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Director Lin Zhenghong of the Datun Volcano Observatory to a meeting to discuss the emergency response mechanism for volcanic disasters.
3.On November 7, 2017, the Legislative Yuan passed the third reading of the Volcano Disaster Act to include volcanic disasters in the Natural Disaster Prevention and Relief Act, with the Ministry of the Interior as the competent authority for disaster prevention and relief. The City has also written the "Datun Volcano Disaster Prevention and Response Plan" and held a volcano disaster related exercise and chess drill in 107, inviting relevant units from the central government to participate in the exercise to review the various response actions, evacuation and sheltering measures in response to the volcano disaster.
4.According to overseas practical experience and research, volcanic activity has a latent period and the response time is relatively long.
(1) When a volcanic disaster occurs or is in danger of occurring, each disaster prevention and rescue authority will establish a municipal and regional disaster response center in accordance with the "Datun Volcanic Disaster Prevention and Rescue Response Plan" regarding the scale, condition, and disaster relief needs, and report to the mayor to coordinate the dispatch of disaster relief resources.
(2) All disaster prevention and relief units of the government shall, in accordance with their duties, make public announcements to designate control areas, restrict or prohibit the entry or passage of people or vehicles, promptly take correct emergency alert and control operations, evacuate residents and guide them to safe shelters depending on the disaster conditions, and properly shelter and relocate affected residents through various measures and assistance in order to protect the lives of the public.
(3) If the scale of the disaster is too large for the government to respond, the city's Disaster Response Center may apply for support and assistance from the central government, foreign counties and cities, or the national army in accordance with relevant regulations, and may implement cross-county evacuation and sheltering measures if necessary.
(4) To continue to address the air pollution caused by volcanic ash by suspending classes and setting standards for aircraft takeoff and landing, improving water quality and water supply mechanisms, improving measures for health effects, and removing mud.
(5) In the post-disaster recovery phase, a medium- and long-term shelter and subsidy mechanism for victims will be implemented.
5.In addition, in order to help the public understand the causes and effects of the Datun Volcano and the contingency measures in the event of a disaster, the Fire Department will initially invite the chiefs, leaders, and neighborhood officials of the affected areas in Beitou and Shilin to conduct educational and promotional activities. The presentation will cover the causes of volcanic hazards, research history, impact areas, and disaster preparedness and prevention measures. At the same time, a volcano classroom will be set up at the Disaster Prevention Science Education Center in Neihu to convey correct knowledge of volcanoes to the public and related organizations through practical explanations and questions.

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