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41How to use a hydrant?2021-11-24
42Where to search for the premises with major non-compliance with fire safety inspection?2021-11-24
43How to use a descender?2021-11-24
44How to use a fire extinguisher?2021-11-24
45What is the 1991 Safety Bulletin Board?2021-11-24
46What website to visit for the City's disaster prevention parks?2021-11-24
47What website to visit for information regarding the City's disaster prevention and rescue?2021-11-24
48What website to visit for general knowledge on fire and disaster prevention?2021-11-24
49How to report the incident when a disaster occurs?2021-11-24
50What are the things to note for Nuclear Disaster Prevention?2021-11-24
51What are the things to note for Debris Flow Disaster Prevention?2021-11-24
52What are the things to note for Tsunami Disaster Prevention?2021-11-24
53What are the things to note for earthquake disaster prevention?2021-11-24
54What are the essential items to place in an emergency evacuation bag?2021-11-24
55How to deal with burns and scalds?2021-11-24
56What are the things to note for typhoon and flood disaster prevention?2021-11-24
57What are the key points for airway obstruction rescue method (choking while eating, Heimlich maneuver)?2021-11-24
58How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?2021-11-24
59Does 119 provide telephone online guidance for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?2021-11-24
60What are the qualifications of 119 personnel who provide online guidance? Are there doctors or nurses?2021-11-24