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41How to deal with insect stings and bites?2013-01-24
42What are the immediate treatments for chemical burns?2013-01-24
43How to deal with burns and scalds?2013-01-24
44What are the key points for airway obstruction rescue method (choking while eating, Heimlich maneuver)?2013-01-24
45How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?2013-01-24
46Does 119 provide telephone online guidance for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?2013-01-24
47What are the qualifications of 119 personnel who provide online guidance? Are there doctors or nurses?2013-01-24
48How to report people in the neighborhood setting off fireworks illegally which causes public danger and disturbance?2013-01-24
49Where are firecrackers and fireworks allowed to be set off?2013-01-24
50How to ignite firecrackers and fireworks safely?2013-01-24
51How to choose safe firecrackers and fireworks?2013-01-24
52How to deal with carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24
53What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24
54How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24
55What to do if the gas pipeline is damaged due to carelessness in sewage pipeline work?2013-01-24
56Where to put the steel cylinder (gas cylinder) and what are the essential things to check?2013-01-24
57How to resolve the “tank deposit” refund issue which occurs prior to signing the “Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supply Adhesion Contract”?2013-01-24
58How to report a case where a gas merchant illegally parks trucks loaded with gas cylinders, which causes danger to the public?2013-01-24
59How to report a case of suspicion of the gas merchant overstocking?2013-01-24
60What if the inspection date on the gas tank of the gas merchant has expired?2013-01-24