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What are the 5 main response rules when a mountaineering disaster occurs?

1. When an accident happens, you should be calm and must not panic; use your mobile phone to call 119 or 112 for help (emergency radio frequency: 145.0MHZ), or seek help by using your satellite phone. If unable to get through, send somebody down with a light pack to report, in order to gain rescue time.
2. When a person is injured or sick, provide simple bandaging, secure the wound and stop the bleeding. If acute mountain sickness occurs, bring the victim to a lower altitude immediately and give him food with high sugar content (such as sweets, chocolates), and keep the body warm at all time to prevent loss of body heat.
3. If you lost your way or the weather suddenly deteriorates, find a safe shelter to seek refuge, and set up appropriate markings to facilitate rescuers to locate you. If it is near evening, prepare to spend the night in the wild. Prevent your body and clothing from dampness so as not to lose body temperature.
4. If you are cut off from external contact, the leader should calm his/her team members; ration all remaining food and drinks and replenish water supply immediately to prolong the rescue waiting time.
5. The best method is to use the GPS and mobile phone (satellite phone) or map to inform the rescue team of the coordinates of your location. If such equipment is not available, you may use the reflector in a prominent open area, wave eye catching clothing, or set off a smoke signal and blow a whistle to send off rescue signal when the rescue helicopter or rescuers are nearby.