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NO.TitlePublish Date
21What time will the announcement be issued for school and office closures in case of typhoon?2013-12-03
22How do the general public become a temporary contract employee of Taipei City Government?2013-12-03
23What are the ethics guidelines for civil servants?2013-09-26
24Legal and General Service Affairs2012-09-12
25Does the registration for Taipei e-Campus require any fee? Can we access the course content without a membership?2012-08-24
26Can we rent space in DCSD individually?2012-08-01
27Where is the Hakka library?2012-07-27
28How do we apply to rent a space within the Hakka Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government? How much does itcost?2012-07-27
29How is the quality of the library?2012-07-20
30How to apply the lending cards?2012-07-20
31What’s the age restriction for the participants of the Weekend English Workshop and Nighttime English/Japanese Class?2012-05-08
32Who is target for the Nighttime English/Japanese workshop held by the Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government?2012-04-24
33What’s the target group for Department of Civil Servant Development Weekend English Workshop?2012-01-17
34What are the addresses of all the Hakka institutes and their opening hours?2011-12-20
35Are there any Hakka radio program?2011-12-20
36How can I gain access to Hakka language training?2011-12-20
37How can I become a volunteer on duty? What are the qualifications required for application?2011-12-20
38What are the duties of volunteers of the Hakka Affairs Commission? When is service provided?2011-12-20
39When is the Hakka culture periodical published? How can I get it?2011-12-20
40What kind of online courses are provided by Taipei e-Campus?2011-12-07