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Can the Public Access Call Recording Files of the 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline? What are the Oldest Files Available? How Long Does It Take to Process a Request? How to Find the Result of a Request?


(1)Yes. However, the call recording files are only available to the person who makes the call.

(2)1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (hereinafter referred to as “1999 Hotline”) only keeps recording files of calls received by 1999 Hotline representatives. No recording files are available for calls that are received by agencies of the Taipei City Government, no matter whether the calls get through by the caller dialing an extension or being transferred by 1999 Hotline representatives.

(3)To request call recording files, the caller must submit the request in writing by himself/herself and provides the required information prescribed in the Freedom of Government Information Law. The required information includes,

A.The applicant’s name, date of birth, national identity card number, mailing address, and phone number. If the application is submitted by a legal person or group, it must include name, registered number, and business location; for a foreigner or foreign legal person or group, it must include nationality, passport number, and related certifications.

B.If the applicant has a legal agent or representative, the application must include his/her name, date of birth, and mailing address.

C.Description of the information applied for and the number of copies.

D.The purpose of requesting the government information.

E.Application date.

There is no standard format for the request, but it must provide the required information as above. It can be handwritten or a computer printout. People can also use the request form provided by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), which can be downloaded from the MOJ’s website. Go to the Chinese website of MOJ and follows the path below.

MOJ homepage > open data > government open data services > application guidelines and forms (in Chinese)

The form can also be downloaded from the following link.


(4)A photocopy of the applicant’s national identification card is required to prove the request is submitted by the caller himself/herself to protect privacy. For a foreign applicant, a photocopy of the Alien Resident Certificate or passport must be provided. For a foreign legal person or group, the corporate seal must be provided for verification purposes.

2.As described in the announcement released by the REDC, the call recording will be stored for 5 years. Recordings older than 5 years are deleted regularly. To reduce inconvenience for people and agencies, the policy will be enacted on July 1, 2024, with a one-year grace period. During the grace period, recording file storage and access shall follow the old guidelines. Effective July 1, 2024, the RDEC follows the new policy announced. In other words, only call recording files from recent 5 years are available for the public and agencies. Files older than 5 years will be regularly deleted by the RDEC and no longer be available.


(1)According to Article 12 of the Freedom of Government Information Law, within 15 days of receiving the request for government information, the government agency shall determine whether to approve such a request; the time may be extended for no longer than 15 days if necessary.

(2)According to Article 11 of the Freedom of Government Information Law, the government shall notify the applicant to correct the request within 7 days if it is remediable. The government agency may disallow the request without consulting anyone if it is not remediable or not corrected before the deadline. 

4.Government agencies must reply to the applicant with an official letter if it is approved. The call recordings must be provided in CD format to the applicant along with the letter. In addition, government agencies must follow Chapter 3 of the Freedom of Government Information Law in handling the request.

5.Please follow the instructions above to prepare the request and send it to the 1999 Hotline Management Division (11F South-East Area, No. 1, Shifu Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei 110204).