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61Why is it important to push ahead with the FTTH project?2014-05-23
62Is the FTTH project funded by Taipei City Government?2014-05-23
63How do I contact Taifo?2014-05-23
64Objectives of the FTTH project2014-05-23
65How many city districts will be covered by the planned deployment of FTTH?2014-05-23
66What services does the FTTH project offer?2014-05-23
67What is the total length of the network deployed under the FTTH project?2014-05-23
68What is the difference between ADSL and FTTH?2014-05-23
69What is the current status of the FTTH project?2014-05-23
70When will the residents of Taipei be able to enjoy the services of FTTH?2014-05-23
71Why complete FTTH deployment in Neihu, Nangang, Songshan, and Xinyi districts before other districts?2014-05-23
72How do I apply for the FTTH services?2014-05-23
73Since I already have ADSL at home, why is the City still constructing the fiber-optic network?2014-05-23
74What are the preferential deals for FTTH services subscription rates?2014-05-23
75What are the services provided by Taipei e-Services Online?2014-05-22
76Do I have to register as a member of Taipei e-Services Online to apply for the services? Will there be any charges for accessing the services?2014-05-22
77What if I still have questions about using e-services after reading through the instructions on the website?2014-05-22
78I cannot access Taipei e-Services Online with certificate login. What’s the problem?2014-05-22
79What are the major functions of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Taipei City Government?2013-12-31
80What are the differences of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), the Taipei City Government (TCG), and that of the Executive Yuan? Does such establishment exist in all local governments and carry the same functions?2013-12-31