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NO.TitlePublish Date
61How can I join the mailing list of Taipei City Government Gazette?2010-03-04
62Education and Culture Affairs2009-07-12
63Economic Development Affairs2009-07-12
64Social Welfare Affairs2009-07-12
65When was the Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City Government set up? What’s the relation between The Department of Government Ethics and The Second Personnel Department?2009-07-09
66What’s the specific difference and significance after the reform that transformed from the Second Department of Personnel in 1993?2009-07-09
67What are the main duties and responsibilities of the Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City Government?2009-07-09
68What’s the structural frame of the Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City Government? How many agencies belong to the Department? How to divide the duties of these agencies ?2009-07-09
69What are the other special or mobile agencies to handle the serious corruption cases besides those structural agencies?2009-07-09
70Who can I report or impeach and how to do it if I find something that may be a corruption case?2009-07-09
71What kind of impeachments are accepted or handled by the Department of Government Ethics?2009-07-09
72Why to encourage impeachment? What’s the standard of award for encouraging someone impeaches corruption cases?2009-07-09
73What kind of measures protect the reporter who impeaches the corruption cases?2009-07-09
74What is Corruption?2009-07-09
75What is the standard to distinguish making profits and being convenient for people?2009-07-09
76What kind of the object does the crime of bribe include?2009-07-09
77What is the difference between bribe and gift? What’s the concrete standard?2009-07-09
78What is the difference between surrender and confession?2009-07-09