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How are charging violation points and suspension of driver license handled?

1.Should the car driver be charged with up to 12 traffic violation points each time within one year, his/her driver license shall be suspended for 2 months and he/she is required to take the road traffic safety lessons.

2.Failing to hand in the driver’s license within the deadline of the official charge, the suspension period shall be extended to 4 months. If still failing to hand in the driver license, the driver license shall be revoked.

3.In accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 68 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, with the exception of tractor-trailers, buses, and trucks, a driver who operates a car that does not comply with the license he/she holds violates the provisions provided by this Act or the Road Traffic Safety Regulations; as a result, the driver’s license shall be suspended. If no accident with light injuries or serious injuries is caused, 5 traffic violation points shall be charged. Should the traffic violation points reach 6 points or should the driver license be suspended again within 1 year, the driver license shall be suspended in accordance with the original punishment.