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221Are exclusive bus lanes open to large/small passenger vehicles traveling during specific times?2011-01-14
222Why are number designations on buses replaced with 4-digit number?2011-01-14
223Are pets allowed on bus?2011-01-14
224Under what circumstances will EasyCards be inactivated?2011-01-14
225What should I do when my EasyCard is inactivated when traveling on the bus? Who should I ask for help?2011-01-14
226What is the City Minibus? How are the fares charged?2011-01-14
227What are the nighttime taxi service schedules and fares?2011-01-14
228What is the registration hour for the regular heavy motorcycle driver's license test?2010-03-04
229When an alien has returned to his or her native country, how do you transfer the vehicle registered under his or her name?2009-09-24
230What documents are necessary for a mandatory inspection?2009-07-11
231Does the vehicle owner need to be present at the mandatory inspection?2009-07-11
232How long is the permit for driving in the ROC with an international driving license valid?2009-07-11
233What should vehicle owners do if they failed to receive the vehicle fuel charge notice because they do not live at the registered household address?2009-07-11
234Is there an English-language driver's license test for aliens in the ROC?2009-07-11
235What are the requirements for aliens wishing to take the driver's license test, and what documents should they prepare?2009-03-30
236Can I use my own motorcycle for the road test component of a general heavy motorcycle driver's license test?2009-03-30
237If I fail the test, can I try again?2009-03-30
238Where can I apply for a general heavy motorcycle driver's license in Taipei City?2009-03-30
239Is there a health and physical examination room at the examination venue?2009-03-30
240When should a mandatory inspection be done?2009-03-30