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How do I request an analysis report?

1. Application method

If you have filed a lawsuit,apply your application with the judicial authority.Except that,if traffic accident scene in Taipei,you can file your applicant within Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office with 6 months after the accident date (please attach a copy of your ID card [or driver's license], the police's "Road Traffic Accident Preliminary Examination" A copy of the "Analysis and Judgment Form" and a fee of NT$3,000). 

2. Notes:

(1) Please download the application form from our website or the "Citizen Service Platform", or pick it up at counter No. 20 on the 7th floor of Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office.

(2) The application fee is NT$ 3,000, which can be paid in person at our office or by remittance (for details, please call: 02-23658270 extension 818); those who apply through the citizen service platform, please pay according to the method specified by the system .