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How do I request an analysis report?

1. Applications made at the Traffic Adjudication Office: The parties involved qualified for filing the application should bring a photocopy of their R.O.C. Citizen Identity Card, and R.O.C. Driver’s License to make the application to Fault Determination Section, Traffic Adjudication Office. They may also make the application through an agent. The service fee is NT$3,000.
2. Applications made by post: The parties involved qualified for applying for a personal report may download the Accident Fault Determination Application Form from Traffic Adjudication Office website (or call our office for a fax copy of the application form) and pay NT$3,000 to the designated bank account: (Bank: TCG Department, Fubon Taipei Bank; Title Holder: Traffic Adjudication Office Analysis Report Fee; Account Number: 16081740461013; please specify your name and contact phone number in the draft). Then, applicants should mail to the Traffic Adjudication Office the photocopy of their ROC Driver’s License (except when their licenses have been suspended, withheld or otherwise), ROC Citizen Identity Card, and the receipt of fee.
3. Please also attach a photocopy of any violation tickets associated with the accident, if any.