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41Where do I find information on the latest and future Metro lines?2016-04-01
42Why does the train sometimes accelerate, decelerate or stop between stations?2016-04-01
43Beitou Resort FAQs2016-04-01
44How do I use Single-Journey Tickets (tokens)? What are the relevant regulations? Can I obtain an official receipt for my purchase?2016-04-01
45Why does Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation conduct maintenance work on elevators and escalators during service periods?2016-04-01
46Why do the doors of elevators work and close very slowly in the metro systems?2016-04-01
47What does two-way transfer between metro and bus (except buses charging by distance) mean? What are the two-way transfer fares for the various electronic tickets? 2016-04-01
48Under what conditions will the security guards blow their whistle on the platform?2016-04-01
49Does Taipei Metro install priority seats in each carriage? How do you conduct a campaign that effectively promotes behavioral rules on reminding passengers to yield their seat to those in need?2016-04-01
50What are the principles of broadcasting at stations?2016-04-01
51Why do trains sometimes fail to stop at the correct position and not line up with the waiting lines? What procedures are in place when high capacity trains overshoot the platform?2016-04-01
52What are the service hours for Taipei Metro? Can you extend the service hours?2016-04-01
53How can the public obtain authorization for using a video camera inside the Taipei Metro?2016-04-01
54What is the consequence of those who violate the "Regulations for Use of the Taipei Metro System"?2016-04-01
55Can passengers distribute leaflets or promotional materials at the exit/entrance of stations?2016-04-01
56Can passengers take photos or film in stations or trains?2016-04-01
57Who can travel free on the Taipei Metro?2016-04-01
58Why is there a fee for entering and exiting from the same station? How does it work? Is there some way I enter and exit from the same station for free?2016-04-01
59Why do we sometimes feel hot on the train?2016-04-01
60How does the driver handle a situation in which a train passenger feels uncomfortable and needs medical assistance?2016-04-01