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What are the regulations on carry-on objects and size of luggage?

Unless otherwise announced by the TRTC, luggage and carry-ons should comply with the following regulations:


(1) Passengers must not obstruct other passengers with their carry-on luggage, and must stay by its side at all times;

(2) The size of any carry-on object may not exceed 165cm on its longest side, and the sum of its length, width and height may not exceed 220cm. However, this regulation does not apply to wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, surfboards, pet strollers, double basses, and other carry-on objects approved by the TRTC;

(3) The maximum number of balloons allowed onto the trains is 5 per person. The longest side of any balloon may not exceed 50cm;

(4) Vehicles, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, or other similar motorized tools are not allowed within Taipei Metro premises. However, passengers holding disability ID or with prior permission from the TRTC may use assisted devices (such as regular or electric wheelchairs) to travel at low speeds within stations;

(5) Passengers with bicycles may only walk their bicycles. Riding and gliding are prohibited. Cyclists shall abide by the “Notice to Passengers Traveling with Bicycles.” Bicycles are not allowed into stations or trains as carry-on items unless they are foldable and properly packaged; 

(6) Non-metro personnel are not permitted to carry or use carts or other similar tools in stations or trains. However, this restriction shall not apply to those who have obtained permission from the TRTC and comply with the general regulations on the dimensions of carry-on luggage and objects carried by passengers.

(7) Carry-on surfboards may not exceed 180cm on the longest side. Tail rudders, foot ropes, and other protruding items must be removed and stowed away during the journey. Surfboards between 165 and 180cm long are only admitted on the Taipei Metro during public holidays. Passengers with surfboards should travel on the first and last carriages only, and should not use the escalators;

(8) Passengers with double basses should have them packed properly and must abide by the “Notice for Passengers Traveling with Double Basses.”

(9) Passengers with pet strollers shall abide by the “Notice for Passengers Traveling with Pet Strollers;”