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Taipei City Goverment


How is land for Taipei MRT construction acquired? Are there any difficulties in acquiring the land? How are the difficulties solved? If the land is privately owned, what is the compensation standard? (Others)

1. Land needed for Taipei MRT construction is purchased through negotiations with the land owner (similar to private-to-private purchase). Once an agreement is reached, a purchase contract is signed. Another option is land expropriation. Compensation is calculated according to Article 30 of the Land Expropriation Regulations: "The owner of the acquired land shall be compensated based on the land's actual market value. For land reserved for public facilities in an urban planning area, the compensation is based on the transaction price of adjacent non-reserved land for public facilities. Then the authority in charge should submit the land's market price to the Land Value Assessment Committee for assessment."

2. It is not unusuall for land owners is to seek additional compensation and some will resort to unreasonable protests. Government agencies prefer to respond with additional negotiations. However, the use of police force will not be ruled out should it become necessary. As for the land value via negotiation, the compensation paid shall not be less than the transaction price. In addition, the land value increment tax shall be exempted when the land is compulsorily purchased, according to Article 42 of the Equalization of Land Rights.