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When are the service hours of riverside bike rental stations?

Rent-a-bike service hours (It is subject to change based on the announcement of riverside bike rental stations.): 
1. Weekday: 08:00AM ~ 09:00PM, closed between 12:00AM ~ 02:00PM (Rent deadline 08:00PM)
2. Holiday: 
(1) Guandu, Dadaocheng, Guanshan, Meiti, Jingfu, Muzha, Machangding and Dajia: 08:00AM~09:00PM (Rent deadline 08:00PM)
(2) Shuangxi (Temporarily closed) and Rainbow: 08:00AM~06:00PM (Rent deadline 05:00PM)
3. Rainbow Stations are open on holidays only, while other stations are open daily. However all stations are closed on the third day of each month. If the off day is on a holiday, it will be postponed according to the announcement.
4. For more details about service hours, please visit the website of "Travel taipei" as follows: ( https://www.travel.taipei/en/). please consult the agency "Kang Mei Enterprise", tel: (02)2258-7425.
5. Chinese New Year's Eve and the day after: 09:00AM~05:00PM.