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How many sewage treatment plants are managed by Taipei City? Where are they? Any reference map?

A total of 3 sewage treatment plants are managed by Taipei City:

  1. The Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant, address no. 235, Jiuquan Street, Datong District, at intersection of Yanping North Road Section 4 and Jiuquan Street (turn right at Chongqing North Road Interchange [To Taipei] direction).
  2. The Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, No.2, Jiuzong Road Sec.2, Neihu District; alongside the Minquan Bridge.
  3. The Bali Sewage Treatment Plant, No. 90, Museum Road, Bali District, New Taipei City, neighboring Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, a provincial-municipal co-management facility, currently commissioned to SSO for operations and management. 

Map of respective plant is available for downloading from the SSO website.