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What are the things to note for earthquake disaster prevention?

1. Prepare an "emergency evacuation bag" during normal time and put it in an easily accessible place. 2. Remain calm during earthquakes, ensure your own safety and pay special attention to falling objects from above. 3. During violent shaking, hide under a stable table or beside the building's main column. 4. Do not hide under lightings or by the side of a cupboard or refrigerator during earthquake. 5. Immediately turn off all ignition sources, and open the door to escape when the earthquake has stopped. 6. Do not take the elevator, but escape via the staircase. 7. Run to an open area immediately, and keep away from signboards, trees, buildings and utility poles. 8. If you encounter an earthquake while driving, do not brake suddenly or change lane, but reduce your speed and pull off by the side of the road. 9. If you encounter an earthquake in a public place, keep calm and listen to the broadcast for guidance. Do not panic or push one another. 10. If you are in a large stadium, auditorium or theatre, hide below your seat temporarily and leave the premises when the shaking stops. 11. After the earthquake, check the switch of the gas, water, electricity, etc. If there is any gas leak, gently open the windows, leave the building immediately and inform the gas company. 12. Listen to the television or radio at all times for accurate reports of the disaster, and do not listen to rumors.