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Information about the home fire alarm subsidy for low income households and solitary elderly residents

I. According to the plan enacted by the Ministry of Interior, Taipei City Fire Department will subsidize 576 households for water heater move or replacement in 2013. The application starts from Jan. 1 to Apr. 30, 2013 and the maximum amount of the subsidy is 3000 TWD.
II. Terms and conditions of the subsidy: The applicants should be the residents of Taipei City whose heater installation is inappropriate. The applicants can contact branch stations of the fire department for inspection and certified water heater dealers for installation when they meet the requirements of the subsidy. To apply for the subsidy, the applicants need to enclose photos of the installation (before, during, after), certificate of heater installation, the technician’s license, , and the invoice and send these to the branch stations to apply for the subsidy.