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With regard to the periodic fire safety inspection of high-rise residential buildings, can we apply to the Fire City Department for the inspection?

Article 9 of the Fire Services Act states that residential buildings shall contract a fire safety equipment technician or engineer to conduct periodic service of the fire safety equipment. If the result of the service does not meet the regulation requirements, improvement should be made immediately. The service results shall be reported before the end of December of each year to the local fire department; the fire department shall send an official to review the service results.
For information regarding the "Service Reporting System", please visit the Fire Department's website. Failure to report to the local fire department by the end of December, shall incur a fine of between 10,000 NTD and 50,000 NTD.
Many residential buildings do not have management committees. As there are no people at home during the daytime, the service personnel have no access to the house. Furthermore, due to limited manpower, they can only carry out inspection on public equipment such as the fire pumps and generators. In order to maintain proper functioning and reduce breakdowns of the fire safety equipment in residential buildings, there should be an entrusted maintenance mechanism during normal times.