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What are the things to note for Nuclear Disaster Prevention?

1. When a nuclear accident occurs and there is leakage of radioactive material, the Government will issue a warning and based on the amount of radiation detected or predicted, as well as the distance from the scene of accident, inform the public in the affected areas. Those who receive the notice should immediately follow the Government's instruction in taking precautionary measures such as"evacuation" or "indoor sheltering". 2. When a nuclear accident occurs, the Government will immediately inform the public of the incident through village broadcasts and various forms of media broadcast. Please do not listen to rumors or spread unauthenticated information. 3. Upon receiving “indoor sheltering” instruction, do not go out if you are indoors, and close the doors and windows tightly to prevent outside air from seeping in. If you are outside, return home or go to a nearby concrete building. Students in schools should return to their classrooms immediately and close the doors and windows upon hearing the warning or broadcast, and follow the instructions of the teachers. 4. Upon returning home, promptly change your clothing and take a shower, and wash your clothes or put them into a plastic bag for temporary storage. 5. Upon receiving evacuation notice, you should follow the instructions and carry your emergency evacuation bag or prepare simple luggage, turn off the gas and electricity, bring along your personal IDs and immediately proceed to your designated assembly site. You will be brought to the evacuation shelter by special transport provided by the Government. 6. The school will make arrangements to bring the students to the evacuation shelter, and parents are advised not to fetch their children as it may cause traffic disorders. 7. If you have neighbors who are elderly, pregnant women, young children or people with mobility impairments, assist them during the evacuation and contact the village head or police if you require any assistance. 8. Avoid consuming food or beverages that have been exposed outside. Wash vegetables or fruits thoroughly before consuming them. Food and beverages kept indoors should be safe to consume.