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What are the essential items to place in an emergency evacuation bag?

I. An emergency evacuation bag should be put in an easily accessible place at home and at the workplace. II. The essential items in the evacuation bag should be checked and replenished at least once every half year. III. The essential items are as follows: 1. Mineral water 2. Food (instant noodles, biscuits, canned foods, chocolates) 3. Copies of certificates (such as identity card, national health insurance card, etc.) 4. Some cash, first-aid kit, commonly used medication 5. Coarse cotton gloves, torchlight, radio, batteries 6. Warm clothing, underwear, small blanket 7. Light raincoat, warm packs, tissue paper, towel 8. Stationery (notebook, pen) 9. Spare keys, Swiss Army knife, whistle 10. Families with kids should prepare: milk powder, diapers, milk bottles IV. Shoes and safety helmet should be worn when escaping; remember to carry your emergency evacuation bag!